A cosy hostel in Moscow centre

Str. Petrovka, 17, building 3

  • M. Pushkinskaya
  • M. Kuznetsky Most
  • M. Okhotny Ryad
  • M. Trubnaya
from 400 rub.per day*
Beforehand booking costs efficient favorable!

Book 10 days up front and get 10% discount! Additional details read in the option "Questions and Answers".

The hostel "a homelike society" differs from other outfits in this range.
  • 1,5km from the Red Square (3-5 min close to the metro station)
  • flexible discount system according to different living terms
  • cash backin case you leave earlier, no overpay
  • 4- and 6-beds rooms
  • a separate block for ladies with its personal door
  • mixed rooms
  • separate rooms for couples.

Living conditions and prices.

A few words about our offer

Feedback from our visitors

Real reviews from real clients!

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I would like to express my gratitude for the administration of the hostel, Tatyana. Staying at a foreign city you feel at home cause of such people.

The hostel itself left only nice impressions:

Much space, intelligent qnd polite people, all conveniences.

For example, I asked for a needle and thread and immediately I got a whole sewing kit.

The location is very convenient, the place is clean (close to the Bolshoy Theatre and Okhotny Ryad metro station).

In general, thanks a lot for a nice job!

Sergey and Olga
Sergey and Olga
1 2 3 4 5

Thank You for accommodation, comfortable beds, calm place and polite service.

We’ll come again!

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Our people used to criticize and find only weak points in everything.

But personally I am going to find kindness and good things, that’s why I am writing what I liked:

  1.  It’s Moscow centre
  2. Low price
  3. Cleaning two times a day (enough toilet paper:)!
  4. Water filters changed on time
  5. Sponges, soap and dishes liquid ready for you
  6. I liked men and women from both units, not only from the rooms
  7. A fridge,a freezer, dishes- everything is available
  8. The rooms are small but well ventilated


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Our family came from Vladivostok to Moscow to show our kid the capital.

We stayed at this hostel, cause its location is in the city centre. We were not disappointed in it.

We liked the kitchen where we found everything for warming and preparing the food.

Our special gratitude for the hospitality of the administrator Tatyana.

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It’s cozy to stay here. The administration lady is very kind and helpful, she made a special atmosphere at the hostel, making furnishing and scenery changings.

It’s very nice that the location of the hostel is in the city centre.

The bed linen is always cleanand ironed, the administration looks after silence at the hostel at late time.

I like that the guests who stay there are carefully chosen.

I advise to stay here, it’s calm, cosy and warm.

Lezat and Lyubov
Lezat and Lyubov
1 2 3 4 5

We came from Ust- Kamenogorsk.

Thank You very much, Tatyana, for Your attention and hospitality. We spent here 5 days, enjoying cozy and clean space, especially the kitchen.

Everything is so tidy and neat! The mattresses and pillows are nice! You can sleep practically like at home!

Thank You, Tatyana! You are a super housekeeper!

Main advantages

  • Clean space always

    The whole territory of the hostel is cleaned usually 4 times a day, not only in the rooms. You may ask also to clean your room additionally.

  • No alcohol at all

    We are totally against alcohol drinks in our hostel! Drunken guests are not allowed to stay at the hostel territory. The administration is entitled to dispossess these guests without following compensation.

  • Nice people only

    We are very attentive to our guests’ choice. That’s why only nice, respectable and polite people stay at our place, enjoying comfort and respected by the neighbors.

Beforehand booking costs efficient favorable!

Book 10 days up front and get 10% discount! Additional details read in the option "Questions and Answers".

Any questions left?

Let us blow Your uncertainty away!

  • Remaining amount is given back

    We give the remaining amount in case You decided to leave earlier than You have planned before.

  • No agents

    We don’t use any mediation or agents to give the rooms for rent.

  • No commission

    No deposit and no commission are required. Enjoy the comfort.

  • Payment

    After the payment is approved, all accounting documents are provided

  • Pay in parts

    If You don’t have the full amount you may pay in parts.

  • Cards accepted

    You may use credit or debit cards if you don’t have a full amount to pay, or pay in parts.

Questions and answers

We're ready to answer the most popular questions.

Can we stay at this hostel with the kids?

No, we’re very sorry, but there are no variants still. We are working on it.

Is it possible to take a bed for rent for a week and in case it’s necessary extend it?

yes, of course. The price for a week is 2000rub.then.

What restaurants are situated close to the hostel?

There are lots of nice restaurants and cafes close to the hostel “a homelike society”. For example: Goodman, Fahrenheit, Da Pino, Nobu, Jamie’s Italian and etc.


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